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Sajjan Precision Castings
Office & Correspondence
Vikram Chhabra, Director
404, Gill Road, Miller Ganj
Ludhiana, Punjab - 141 003
+91 161 2531963, 2533990, 2544968
+91 7355499999
+91 161 2537024
Heat Treatment Fixtures, Hardening and Tempering Furnaces, Normalising Furnaces, Batch Type Furnaces, Gas Carburising furnace, CGC furnace, Pit Furnaces, Bell furnaces, Sealed Quench Furnace, Vacuum Furnaces, Multi purpose Batch type chamber Furnace, Cast Conveyor Belts furnace, Shaker Hearth Furnace, Muffle Furnace, Walking Beam furnace, Walking Hearth furnace and Roller Hearth Furnace, Radiant Tubes & Rollers, Steel Industry / Galvanizing Lines, Cement Industry, Pumps / Valves & Impellers, Food Technology, Petrochemical